Box Office

  • 1921
    1921 Total collection - 15 cr.
  • Golmall Again
    Golmall Again Total collection - 205.72 cr.
  • kaalakaandi
    kaalakaandi Total collection - 7.50 cr
  • Tiger zinda hai
    Tiger zinda hai Total collection - 335.50

Latest Movie

  • Padman
  • Padmaavat
  • kaalakaandi
  • 1921
  • Tiger zinda hai
  • Golmall Again

Bollywood Network Songs productions

We can'nt deny the fact that 'SONGS' are the biggest assets of Bollywood film projects and probablity of achieving sucess is very high if a film offers outstanding songs as per film's scripts 

To SERVE this objective,Bollywood Network has reached out to the fresh talent of budding music composers and lyrics writers those can create outstanding songs as per the requirements of film's scripts.Bollywood Network believes that,'there is no scarcity of talent in this domain and all we need to do is to search & reach out to such talent in organised manner and there after provide them authentic platforms so that they can prove their mettle.Bollywood Network has created an authentic network of such talented music composers and lyrics writers and our network is growing very rapidly.  

Bollywood Network Songs Productions unit offers turnkey lyrics and music productions services,Our team of talented & passionate Music directors/composers,lyrics writers & singers works collaboratively with utmost devotion to produce outstanding songs for any given situations,as per film's scripts.  

Bollywood Network owns vast varities of Songs like : 

Romantic songs

- Item dance songs

- Sad songs

- Punjabi songs
Situational songs







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