Box Office

  • 1921
    1921 Total collection - 15 cr.
  • Golmall Again
    Golmall Again Total collection - 205.72 cr.
  • Tiger zinda hai
    Tiger zinda hai Total collection - 335.50
  • kaalakaandi
    kaalakaandi Total collection - 7.50 cr

Latest Movie

  • Padman
  • Padmaavat
  • kaalakaandi
  • 1921
  • Tiger zinda hai
  • Golmall Again

Investor's Corner

Invest in Bollywood films only if you love cinema/films business and ready to take on associated risks 

Bollywood Network intend to offer 'investment in Bollywood films' oppotunities to only authentic investors having interest in Bollywood films business.Bollywood Network do not offer any fix return on investment or any sort of guarantee regarding performance of any film project.

Return on investment and performance of any film project is dependent on the content of film,timely marketing,distribution of films,last but not the least is the 'Fate' of film.We recommend investors to invest only if they're very passionate about Indian cinema and have the ability to take associated risks.

We've been receiving inquires like How to invest in films,How to invest in Bollywood films etc.Bollywood Network provides reliable platform to investors to learn films business and thereafter invest in promising Bollywood films projects. Bollywood Network has created an authentic network of successful Bollywood Film makers,Directors,Writers,music composers,Actors,corporates, Production houses,Distributors,trade analysts,and organisations involved in film distribution,marketing,promotion and various creative and commercial aspects of Bollywood films business.   

We look at a movie's investment return ratio to ascertain the magnitude of its sucess.In other words dividing what a movie earns with what it spends.

JUDGING a film through investment-return ratio is a right way to look at its sucess,Bollywood Network believes in creating excellent content based films in low/medium budgets. 

It is safe to say that in our country at least 175 million new movie goers each decade will come to watch movies.There simply is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium and long terms.There are many examples where the return was at least three times anything done by securities listed on the Stock Exchange. 

It is recognized that,low and medium budget Bollywood films having content based good script,decent renowned star cast and sucessful director.Medium Budget Bollywood films track record has always been good. But lets us look at the worst scenario for your first Bollywood film project, and suppose you made a disaster and collected around 70% of the investment through THEATRICAL RELEASE. Next and a Bollywood special earning source is MUSIC RIGHT. This generate around worst to worst 10% of your total investment.But if your music is good then sky is the limit.Next earning source is a DVD/CD RIGHT.A feature is released on Video CD’s after the initial theatrical run. Even if revenues generated in this medium are only 10% (although they are now even much more) of your investment.

Next release is SATELLITE (such as ZEE CINEMA, STAR GOLD, SATMAX and many more) and this market earns over 15% of your investment.Pay-per-view (such as found in motels, hotels and resorts) is the next market although its bit low in our country but the future prospect for this is very good still we are not considering this business.When these four markets are added up and the upsides and downsides are averaged, we get a bottom line figure of 105% for each low medium budget feature. This is the Short Term gross return which can be collected in 6 months.

Syndication, the selling of a movie to each of the thousands of individual television stations across domestic U.S.,Canada and abroad, (with English subtitles or dubbed in English) is a form of exhibition that may proceed for 15 years or longer. This can, and usually does, generate about 20% of what theatrical revenues were and ordinarily commences about 2 years after release in the cable markets. Any film, no matter how bad or good, can be syndicated - as you can readily illustrate to yourself by taking a look at some of the films on local late-night TV.Additionally, none of the above revenues include network or Ancillary sales which can be immense if your film is a KID’s FILM.Take a look at the toys generated from HANUMAN, KRISHH, BAT MAN, SPIDER MAN, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, etc. Thus the above data indicates that the total long and short term gross for one feature motion picture is estimated to be 125% over a 2 year period.Remember we are talking about a MAJOR DISASTER OR FLOP but if your project is MEDIOCRE than these figures can be double say around 250%and if your project is a HIT than these figures can go up to four times say around 500% and if it is SUPER HIT or MEGA HIT than you better calculate yourself.

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