Box Office

  • Tiger zinda hai
    Tiger zinda hai Total collection - 335.50
  • 1921
    1921 Total collection - 15 cr.
  • Golmall Again
    Golmall Again Total collection - 205.72 cr.
  • kaalakaandi
    kaalakaandi Total collection - 7.50 cr

Latest Movie

  • Padman
  • Padmaavat
  • kaalakaandi
  • 1921
  • Tiger zinda hai
  • Golmall Again

About Us

Bollywood Network  'An authentic network of Bollywood'

is founded on a vision which seeks to enrich Bollywood film Industry by eliminating all the obstracles faced by film makers,producers,directors,script writers,Lyricists,marketers,distributors,exhibitors,tade organisations,cast & crew and all the people associated with the Bollywood film industry.

Bollywood Network has created an authentic network of talented scriptwriters,Directors,Music composers,Lyricists,Production houses,distributors,Exhibitors,Trade analysts and organisations involved in the various creative and commercial aspects of Bollywood film industry.

Bollywood Network works with utmost devotion towards the attainment of common goal 'which is to create excellent content in low budgets.Bollywood Film industry is lacking in terms of outstanting Scripts,songs,film direction and low cost high production value,this is creating a huge gap between demand and supply of good content.

Bollywood Network offers very efficient one stop solution & services for all the film making requirements to make high quality Bollywood film content from concept to completion and to further market and distribute the content worldwide.Bollywood Network is also offering film collabration opportunities with overseas film directors,production houses,distributors,marketers,exhibitors,Investors.

Bollywood Network Departments :

Bollywood Network Scripts productions 

-> Creating outstanting scripts is the top priority of Bollywood Network

Bollywood Network Songs Productions 

-> Production of outstanding songs/music as per script & vision of film project

Bollywood Network Film Production services 

-> Low cost and high value turnkey pre & post film production services

Bollywood Network Film Distribution (Domestic & Overseas) 

-> well planned hassel free film distribution. 

Bollywood Network Film Marketing and Promotions (Domestic & Overseas) 

-> creative & productive worldwide film marketing & promotions

Bollywood Network Casting & Talent Management  

-> reliable casting and talent management services

Bollywood Network Celebrity Management  

-> specialised celebrity management services 


As we all know that script is the backbone of any Film project,Bollywood Network is committed  to produce only Outstanding SCRIPTS,having fresh creative extraordinary content on various unique subjects 

Bollywood Network has also taken an ambitious initiative to organise talent hunt competitions across India and other countries to search more and more talented script writers,music composers,lyricists and film directors.As Talent has no boudaries we are taking all required efforts to search the extraordinary talent and to give them right environment and opportunities so that they can showcase their talents and be a part of Bollywood film industry.

The Indian entertainment industry is growing at a faster pace.Film entertainment industry which generated revenues of approximately INR 11,200 crore in 2012 is growing even faster.It is expected that by 2017 the film industry will generate revenues of approximately INR 19,000 crore,representing a compounded annual growth rate of 11 percent over the next 5 years.

Every year Bollywood produce approximately 250 films of low,medium and high budgets.Out of 250 films only 50-75 films are backed by 5-6 big studios,so around 200 films are still waiting to be well marketed and distributed across India and globally.Several mid size films have done exceptionally well at the box offfice in the last few years.Bollywood Network is commited to provide productive marketing and distribution network for all the deserving film projects.

Our team of experts plays a vital role in film-making process to handle risks & cost-efficiencies. They completely organize the Film production from start to finish to make film product of high quality for theater success with in estimated BUDGET.Our experts team consists of professionals with proven track record from various streams of Film Industry Working in association with Bollywood Network, those have been involved with all phases of Film making including Script writing, Developing project from idea to screenplay, Budgeting, Scheduling,  Audience research, Casting, Crew, shooting locations, Technicians, Equipments, studios, Film direction, Music production, cinematography, Editing, VFX,  protecting script rights, legal formalities, Marketing,promotions and all forms of planning.

We firmly believe,simply making a great film is not enough, by Implementing a successful business strategy considering all the cost and profit implications plays a very significant role in the sucess of given project. Bollywood Network offers utmost transparent working environment to synergize the efforts of film Directors, Cast and crew,Associates,towards the clearly articulated goal. 






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