Box Office

  • Golmall Again
    Golmall Again Total collection - 205.72 cr.
  • kaalakaandi
    kaalakaandi Total collection - 7.50 cr
  • 1921
    1921 Total collection - 15 cr.
  • Tiger zinda hai
    Tiger zinda hai Total collection - 335.50

Latest Movie

  • Padman
  • Padmaavat
  • kaalakaandi
  • 1921
  • Tiger zinda hai
  • Golmall Again

About Us

BOLLYWOOD NETWORK  'excellence matters ..enriching Bollywood'


Bollywood Network is a global film production house & film distribution organisation,which was founded on a vision to fill the gap between the demand and supply of extraordinary film content in terms of Scripts,Music,Songs lyrics & Dialogues, and to produce and promote outstanding cinema worldwide to serve global audience.


Bollywood Network is working with utmost devotion,having very high benchmarks & standards to create and produce only outstanding film scripts,Music,Songs Lyrics & Dialogues as per the requirement given by Producers,Production houses,studios,Directors.


Bollywood Network is also simplifying film making,film distribution & film marketing,by offering one stop solution & very reliable turnkey 'concept to completion' services,which includes content production(in terms of scripts,Music,Songs lyrics Dialogues),casting,film production,film distribution & marketing services domestically and internationally.


Bollywood Network is not just a film production house OR a film distribution & film marketing organisation,it is an authentic network of Bollywood's & world's utmost talented passionate film makers,actors,artists & organisations having a common objective,which is to produce world class cinema to entertain global audience.

Bollywood Network -> Initiatives & offerings 
: Collabration/co production opportunities with domestic and international film makers,producers & studios 
:  To serve global audiance and to enrich & establish Bollywood as a global player in terms of  cinematic entertainment.We're working on our vision of production of international film projects in English  
: Film funding opportunities for deserving film projects
: We're building our family of very talented & passionate aspiring films makers,directors,scriptwriters,music composers,actors across the globe.After screening & shortlisting candidates through our rigirous pratical examinations
,we invite them to join us for our future projects. 


Bollywood Network Departments : 

(A)Creative content department  'One stop solution for content'

1. Bollywood Network Scripts production unit (Serving Domestic & International markets)

 ->Scripts are the backbone of any film project and the gap between the demand and supply of outstanding scripts is mounting up.Bollywood Network scripts production unit is a 'one stop source' for directors/producers to attain very high quality film scripts of various genres (Languages Hindi & English) ,We have set very high benchmarks and can't compromise with the quality of content.  


2. Bollywood Network Music Production unit ( Serving domestic Indian market)

 -> Bollywood films are incomplete with out good songs & music and there is a gap between the demand and supply of good songs as per script's requirements.Bollywood Network Music production unit is working tirelessly to compose outstanding songs of various genres. We're a one stop source for directors/producers to attain high quality songs/music as per script's requirement.JUST like script's production unit,we have set very high benchmarks and can't compromise with the quality of songs.  


3. Bollywood Network Song Lyrics production unit  ( Serving domestic Indian market)

->  We're a one stop source for directors/producers to attain outstanding Songs lyrics as per song's requirement  


3. Bollywood Network Dialogues production unit 

->  We're a one stop source for directors/producers to attain outstanding Dialogues as per film's requirement  




(B)Films related services  (One stop solution for all the film making requirements)


1. Bollywood Network Film production services 

    (Low cost and high value pre & post film production services ,Domestic & International)


2. Bollywood Network Film distribution services 

    (Well planned hassel free film distribution,Domestic & International)


3. Bollywood Network Marketing and Promotional services 

    (Productive film marketing and promotions,Domestic and International )


4. Bollywood Network Celebrities/Film Stars Management services 

    (Reliable Celebrities/Film stars Management services )


5. Bollywood Network Casting & Talent Management services 

    (Reliable Casting & Talent Management services )



We firmly believe,simply making a great film is not enough, by Implementing a successful business strategy considering all the cost and profit implications plays a very significant role in the sucess of any film project. Bollywood Network offers utmost transparent working environment to synergize the efforts of entire team,towards the clearly articulated goal which to to create world class cinema for global audience.  





























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